Any website about Lima Ohio or Allen County Ohio or any business in Allen County Ohio may be considered for one (1) free listing on this web site.

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> Your business must operate in Allen County Ohio and have a physical address in Allen County Ohio.

> Your site must be be family friendly.  If we can't talk freely about your site content while dining in a public restaurant with families all around us your site probably won't be included here.

> Your site should be a domain of it's own rather than a personal page from your ISP (such as  Personal pages have their own listing area and may or may not be accepted into the category "Personal pages" but they must meet all normal requirements for listing, especially the family friendly rule above.  Historically, personal pages come and go frequently and thus will have a low priority on this site.  OCCASIONALLY we'll put a personal page into a mainstream category.  We reserve the right of arbitrary decision making regarding the inclusion of personal pages.

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