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GoLima.com is operated by people who live in Allen County Ohio.  We work here.  Raise kids here.  Shop here.  Volunteer here.  The older we get the more we believe in supporting our local community as much as possible.  Sometimes we even spend a bit more to buy the local product or shop at the locally-owned store.  We really believe that supporting local organizations and businesses makes our region a better place overall, both today and tomorow.  We built this website with that in mind.

On the other hand, we are not promoting any of the sites listed.  This is mainly a listing of the websites we know about in Allen County.  Our listing is not a referral, it's merely information.


Most of this site is links to other sites about Allen County, Ohio.  Links, by definition, take you somewhere else.  If that place isn't one of our pages, we cannot be responsible for what that author puts there.  When we listed it, it seemed to be an acceptable to us.  But pages are easy to change, and tastes change, so maybe, just maybe, one of the links might take you somewhere you don't want to go.  If that happens, take advantage of the power of your computer and browser!  Hit the BACK button, the HOME button, or the big X in the corner!

We don't intentionally link to offensive sites, but you all out there may have different values than we do.  If something we directly link to offends you, go ahead and email us a comment.  We'll read it, maybe act on it, or maybe not.  That's our choice.  But realize that where we live, freedom is a pretty popular word.  Also, the internet currently flows thru almost every country in the world, and about anyone with a little cash can write and post a web page.  (You don't really even need the cash, just access to the 'net!)  So be aware that there are pages out there that offend you.  You can't control that.  You can only control your reaction to it.  Personally, we ignore it and move on.  The 'net is too cool to waste time messing with trash.  Go for the jewels.  Have a good experience.

One more thing.  If you let your kids surf the 'net, please pay attention while they do it.  Especially grade school kids.  They depend on you totally to sort good from bad, and right from wrong.  Sure, they'll discover the bad stuff someday, but let 'em be kids while they can.  Talk with them, surf with them, but stay with them while they are online.  Get a good parental filter program installed.  You aren't taking away their freedom, you're helping them grow up properly.  There are things out there they don't need to be exposed to at all.

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If any link on these pages is wrong, out-of-date, or dead, please email us so we can fix it.  If you know of a site to add, email us and maybe we'll add it.  Or if your site is in the wrong category, tell us that, too.
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